«Inhale Existence is for fans of Meshuggah and The Dillinger Escape Plan, I’m announcing my band Inhale Existence. The Spiral is our first music video and single; it’s streaming everywhere now. Progressive industrial tech meets blackened post-pop metal».

Lyrics on The Spiral:


I’m here again, been here before

I always say this is the last time

Yet I’m spiraling downward, brain caving in

I’ll drown from the weight of the mistakes I make each day


Suffering now at the hands of my past self

Leading to collapse

So I spiral down

Last night I watched myself suffer the spiral again and again and again and

Last night I sank deeper into the abyss than I ever have before

On days like this the sun doesn’t save me

Morning light exposes the depths of the shade

Day and night replaced by my brain splitting

Split at the seams of the skull


Oh I would do anything for once to peacefully sleep through the night

I’m searching for a way

I swear I’d do anything to still the tempest, the inner turmoil

Be still

Please let me be still

The tempest, the inner turmoil

My soul is ricocheting inside of my damn skull

Please let me be

I have faith that the moon will continue to shine all night

Let me drift off

I wish for nothing more than to break the pattern

The markings of unsleep are etched into my eyes

Written in by myself

The blank page stares down

I find myself scared of not knowing if even this love is enough to ensure I survive

I’ll waste myself to death before I admit that I have nothing left to say

Or nothing left in me

At least when the page is blank

Failure’s but a dream

I’m afraid I would waste my whole life away before

Admitting I had more to give but for the spiral

That spins inside the absence of love

But I damn sure will not die in spite of denial

Apathy born inside the spiral

Day in, day out

We waste

Hold on to what keeps stillness inside you

I am a man on borrowed time

But I burn the blank pages as though they are mine

I hide, I run

A futile attempt to escape the things that haunt me

That cause me to fall

Inhale Existence’s single Facade Breaker off their forthcoming debut album The Spiral due out in 2023, which was recorded, mixed, and mastered by audio engineer guru Jamie King (Between The Buried And Me, The Contortionist, Scale The Summit). The band is blasting down the doors with Façade Breaker their most technically aggressive track ever.

Facade Breaker, is the band’s third single to follow previously unleashed tracks The Spiral and Absolve. Compared to the first two songs of the eleven that will be featured on their first full-length.

«I think fans of technical music who also enjoy catchy riffs and melodies will really enjoy it. I drew inspiration from bands like Necrophagist and Archspire to write the song; I even wrote the final riff and outro of the song purely as an homage to Necrophagist. Nikhil wrote about his love for music and being a part of the music scene, which is something I think we all identify with. As an aside, I like that our most technical track to date is about a love for something, in contrast to much of the lyrical themes found in tech death», adds guitarist Sam Mooradian.

Bludgeoning, and chaotically heavy, all the tracks were written remotely during the pandemic. The band was founded just before Covid impacted the US; the pandemic was officially declared days later. They each individually worked from home during those rough months to write and shape the music for their debut.

The forthcoming record has been arranged to be heard as a full album from start to end. The album will have a lot of weird and interesting twists, musically speaking, but they all feel natural and help contribute to the listening experience. The band made “The Spiral” to play like a concept album, but only musically – the lyrics are all thematically linked and exist in the same universe, but there’s no single story being told.

«Our first album The Spiral is a work that we’re all exceptionally proud of. It’s a landscape of melodies portrayed angrily, with tinges of extreme melancholy. It’s brutal, heavy, and infectious. We can’t wait to share the rest of it with you».

All band members are seasoned touring musicians. Nikhil Rao (vocals) toured with A War Within, Sam Mooradian tours with Fallujah, James Knoerl (drums) has toured with The Faceless and plays in Aviations and Gargoyl, and Brian Krahe (bass) has toured with Abiotic and is a member of Krosis.

All together the quartet brings forth tight playing and a huge stage presence. They have evolved since their inception, with Nikhil digging deeper on lyrical content, inspiring Sam to push the music to heavier and darker places. The band is currently writing their follow-up to The Spiral.

Fans of progressive metal and tech-death, along with bands like Periphery, Necrophagist, Archspire, Meshuggah, and The Dillinger Escape Plan, will enjoy having their auditory senses assaulted.


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